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How should I pay for the self-quarantine room?

Please refer to the invoice on "My reservation" Page for the payment. Payment should be transferred to the bank account written in the INVOICE within 7 days after the reservation. Student may use online transfer (https://wise.com/) or bank remittance.
* If you have trouble transferring the payment please contact us through email.
Email : reserve@globalenskr.com
* Please upload the remittance slip to receive the confirmation letter of your reservation.

I have not bought a flight ticket yet. Can I make a reservation for the self-quarantine accommodation?

Flight itinerary must be uploaded to receive the confirmation mail of your reservation. You may change the date of arrival until 1 day before your arrival date.
* Please contact us via Email, if you have trouble during the reservation.

What is the location of the hostel? Do I have to make a reservation for more than 4 months?

Currently, the reservation for the hostel is not available.

I couldn't apply for a SIM card when making a reservation. What should I do?

We provide Sim Card which is of 3 months mandatory use.
The first month is free of charge, and the plans for the following two months are as follows:
Data: 15GB / 100GB
Text message: Unlimited
Recharge Price :
15GB (39,000 KRW) / 100GB (66,000 KRW)

Can I choose the self-quarantine accommodation I want to stay at?

It is not possible to choose the hotel you would like to stay for yourself.

I haven’t got the Invoice / confirm mail what should I do?

For invoice, please refer to the invoice shown in "My reservation" page for the payment.
For confirmation mail please check your SPAM mailbox and inform us via email. We will send you the confirm mail again.

I transferred more than the invoice amount. How am I going to get back the change

We will check the actual deposit on our account before your check-out date. For any amount that is over we will refund back to you in cash (KRW) with the receipt.

Arrival & Check-in

What is the immigration procedure?

Arrival at the airport -> Go through the Quarantine Office -> Wait at the waiting area of the arrival hall -> Contact the assigned pick-up driver -> Stop by the Public Health Center in for COVID-19 test ( If you arrive at the airport after 4pm, check-in the hotel directly and visit the Public Health Center next morning ) -> Hotel check-in -> Start of the self- quarantine
* Please check out the Self-Quarantine Service Guide for more information.

Is there any information I need to know when entering the country?

You must be well-informed of our contact number and self-quarantine hotel to be submitted at the Quarantine Office. We will send you the notice mail before your arrival date. Please inform us of your ‘KakaoTalk ID’ or ‘Wechat ID’ to communicate efficiently.

What kind of objects do I need for the self-quarantine?

Basic necessities (Toilet paper, Shampoo, Body soap, Laundry soap, Towel) and Quarantine necessities (Thermometer, Trash bag, Bottled water) are provided at the hotel. Other than the item above, students are asked to prepare. Cooking is not allowed at the hotel, so bringing food that you can eat without cooking is recommended.

Do I need to prepare Korean money in advance?

It is advisable for you to have some Korean money on hand, since your credit card may not work at some stores and may need some Korean money to spend after being released from the self-quarantine.

Self-Quarantine Period

When are meals served?

Meal is served as follows: Breakfast 8:00~9:00 | Lunch 12:00~13:00 | Dinner 17:00~18:00 However, it may be changed depending on the supply situation.

Can I choose the meal menu?

Yes! There are three meal types (Normal, Vegetarian, Halal) . You will decide the meal type during the reservation for the whole quarantine period. Meal orders cannot be changed once they are submitted due to our ordering system.

Can I order meals individually?

Food delivery is not allowed for the safety of Covid-19. However, for certain cases (e.g. allergy) is allowed with our approval to bring in.

How do I purchase the items I need?

You may use online stores to purchase your necessities and deliver to the facility. (It is available to pay by credit card and Alipay/Wechat pay).
* Please write down your room number in the address and inform the delivery man to put the package at the lobby.

Is it possible to clean up the room I stay once a day?

No!! For safety reasons, we are not providing cleaning service during your quarantine period. You are asked to clean your room by yourself and everything should be kept inside the room for 14 days

How can I keep the trash that came out of every life?

General trash should be put in a provided trash bags, tied up, and stored in the room for 14 days. Recyclable waste should be sorted out and disposed in different bag from general trash.

What are the basic items that are provided?

Basic necessities (Toilet paper, Shampoo, Body soap, Laundry soap, Towel) and Quarantine necessities (Thermometer, Trash bag, Bottled water)

How do you dispose of leftover food waste?

Please crush the leftover food and flush it along with toilet water.

What should I do if there is an emergency situation at night?

Our staffs are on standby for 24hours for you. Please contact us whenever you have problem.

Health Center

How many times should I be tested for Covid-19 during the period of the self-quarantine?

You will be given two tests, the first test within 3days after entering the country and the second test will be taken a day before end of self-quarantine date

How do I move to get the COVID-19 test?

We will arrange all the transportation for you (hotel -> healthcare center) (Quarantine taxi provided)

What do you need for the COVID-19 test?

Passport, Health center information sheet (Provided by us before heading to the health center), cash or credit card to pay for the transportation.

Do I have to pay for the COVID-19 test?

No students do not have to pay for the test, however, individuals are asked to pay the transportation fee

How do I get the test result?

Please inform our staff (front desk) to receive the text message of your result

Payment & Check-out

Is there any additional amount to be paid on arrival?

The transportation fee will be charged on arrival. For transportation fee is charged at the hotel since the cost may vary depending on the number of people you ride the quarantine taxi with (1-3 people max)

I am trying to send money in Korean Won, but it is not possible Are there any other remittance methods?

Payment methods are as follows:
1. Internet Transfer using TransferWise https://wise.com/
2. Bank Remittance
3. ONSITE payment using cash before check-out (Students from Morocco ONLY)
If you have difficulty regarding the transfer please contact us via email

Can I use a credit card, foreign currency, Wechat pay, Alipay for onsite- payment?

Accommodation fee should be paid before arrival in order to complete the reservation. Only small cost (e.g. transportation fee) made during the quarantine period can be paid by credit card and cash

When is the check-out date and time?

You will be checked out at 12pm / 7 nights after the date of arrival in Korea. For example, a student who checked in on 1st will be checked out on 15th (However, if your flight landing is after 12:00 am, you will be released on 8th)

How do I move after checking-out

Students are responsible for the transportation after the self-quarantine period. You may ask the hotel front desk to help you call the taxi when you at the lobby for check-out


My covid-19 test result was negative at home country but I got positive result in Korea at airport, will I get the refund for the accommodation?

Some cases showed that students resulted negative for their PCR test in their home country and resulted positive in Korea due to the different PCR test standards.
GlobalENS gives a 100% refund for the cancellation due to the COVID-19 test positive result at the airport quarantine, leading to immediate hospitalization.
*Students are only accountable for bank overseas transfer fees

Will I get the refund when I was not able to go to Korea due to VISA problem?

We refund 100% for students who cancel due to VISA problems and Covid-19 positive result before arrival in Korea. (Related documents required)
* Please refer to the refund policy
*Students are only accountable for bank overseas transfer fees

Until when I can change the arrival date and not receive penalty fee?

Change of arrival date do not receive any penalty fee however student have to check again with the staff regarding the room availability if they are changing the date 6 or less days before check-in.
Cancellation within 6 days of check-in date may receive 20% penalty fee of accommodation fee
* Please refer to the refund policy
* Students are only accountable for bank overseas transfer fees

I have got positive COVID-19 test result at the test after check-in. Will I get the refund?

Students who get a positive COVID-19 test result after check-in will not receive a refund for the remaining period.

Will I get refund for meal cancellation

No refunds for meal cancellation