Quarantine Facility for Student



Fresh and Healthy meals everyday. Provide different meal types, reflecting your cultural differences.
For your safety, we deliver your meals to your room



All the transportations are arranged for you. You are accompanied safely from the airport to the public health center and the hotel.



Online Korean classes are available for you to apply. Get a quick 2 week course of Korean while quarantine!

Price Plan

Quarantine Price (HOTEL)

₩868,000/ 7 Days

  • Single Occupancy
  • TV / Refrigerator / Free Wifi
  • Meal Service (Normal Type)


Transpotation Price

₩80,000 ~ 140,000

  • Airport Escort
  • Healthcare Center Escort with Disinfection Taxi
    (1st / 2nd PCR test)
  • PCR test is free!
  • Transportations will be arranged (not optional) and fee paid before checkout

After Quarantine (HOTEL)

₩770,000/ 1 Month / 1 Person

₩990,000/ 1 Month / 2 Persons

  • Available for 1-2 people
  • TV / Refrigerator / Free Wifi
  • Exercise facilities available
  • Study Lounges available
  • Coin Laundry
  • Reservation available for 4 months


Payment should be transferred to the bank account written in the INVOICE within 7 days after reservation. Student may use online transfer (https://wise.com/) or bank remittance.

* If you have trouble transferring the payment please contact us through email.
* Please upload the remittance slip to receive the confirmation letter of your reservation.

Basic necessities (Toilet paper, Shampoo, Body soap, Laundry soap, Towel) and Quarantine necessities (Thermometer, Trash bag, Bottled water) are provided at the hotel. Other than the item above, students are asked to prepare. Cooking is not allowed at the hotel, so bringing food that you can eat without cooking is recommended.

Yes! There are three meal types (Normal, Vegetarian, Halal) . You will decide the meal type during the reservation for the whole quarantine period. Meal orders cannot be changed once they are submitted due to our ordering system.

No students do not have to pay for the test, however, individuals are asked to pay the transportation fee when they arrive at the hotel onsite after the test.

You will be checked out at 12pm / 14 nights after the date of arrival in Korea. For example, a student who checked in on 1st will be checked out on 15th (However, if your flight landing is after 12:00 am, you will be released on 16th)

Some cases showed that students resulted negative for their PCR test in their home country and resulted positive in Korea due to the different PCR test standards. GlobalENS gives a 100% refund for the cancellation due to the COVID-19 test positive result at the airport quarantine, leading to immediate hospitalization.
*Students are only accountable for bank overseas transfer fees